Channels and Contact possibilities


If you want to help, including offering constructive criticism, you may:

  • join the Autocrypt mailing list
  • join chats at #autocrypt on freenode or
  • Tuesdays are “Autocrypt tuesday” where Autocrypt involved folks agreed to try to be present, merge PRs and discuss any related topic.
  • collaborate through PRs, issues and edits on our github Autocrypt repo

See Mail Program Autocrypt Development Branches for links to ongoing development. Currently involved are developers from K9/Android, OpenKeyChain/Android, Enigmail, Mailpile, Bitmask/LEAP as well as people from the nextleap, enzevalos research projects and the ACLU.

Upcoming events

  • August 4-8th 2017: something during the dutch hacker camp SHA2017?
  • End September/October 2017: Level 1 release party in Freiburg?

Past events