Autocrypt-capable MUAs level 1 implementation status

Last updated: 2017-12-14

MUA/project header parsing keygen peer state header inject recommend encrypt setup message setup process gossip uid decorative


K-9 Mail

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gmime ≥3.0.4 N/A N/A ≥3.0.4 N/A N/A

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  • MUA/project: denotes a mail app, library or tool.
  • header parsing: compliant parsing of the Autocrypt header
  • keygen: secret key generation follows Autocrypt UI guidance
  • peerstate: state is kept according to spec
  • header inject: proper creation of outgoing Autocrypt header
  • recommend: implements Autocrypt recommendation
  • encrypt: encrypts outgoing messages properly
  • setup message: proper generation and processing of Autocrypt Setup Message
  • setup process: follows guidance with respect to Autocrypt account setup
  • uid decorative: UID in key data is only used for decorative purposes, and in particular not for looking up keys for an e-mail address.

For developers

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Testing Autocrypt

There is an Autocrypt Bot which accepts and sends mails with Autocrypt headers. Just write an E-Mail to Find out more about the bot…